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A clean credit profile and a credit score above 650 can open up a multitude of opportunities for you. We’ll help you get there!


If you have been declined for credit, or you need to get credit ready for future credit needs, [COMAPNY NAME] is your source for help. [COMAPNY NAME] is making a difference!

We have helped people just like you improve their credit with our effective 3-pronged and affordable credit repair services – we can help you too!


We investigate the accuracy of all your accounts with both the credit bureaus and the reporting companies. We identify any innacurate or erroneous accounts.


We formulate a strategic plan to bring your inaccurate accounts to resolution.
The result, a cleaner profile and better credit score.


We evaluate your positive credit history and provide you with proven credit building strategies to continue the improvement of your credit standing. 

Our Pledge to You

During your initial No-Obligation Consultation we will determine if our program is a good solution for you. 

During your consultation we will discuss:

  • your credit goals and needs
  • the factors that make up and affect your credit and credit scores
  • assess your credit and financial situation
  • determine if our program can help you reach your goals.

If we determine that our program is not the right fit for you, we will do our best to provide recommendations that are better suited for you.

Get credit ready today! Get your credit fixed now!

Credit Repair Consultation between an african american and caucasian

Our comprehensive, 3-Pronged Affordable Credit Repair Service will maximize your results and minimize your costs.

We have a systematic three-pronged strategy to efficiently and affordably get you on the road to a better credit profile. When your program is complete, your credit file and credit scores will be in their absolute best possible status!

[COMAPNY NAME] provides years of knowledge and expertise to help you turn your credit situation around, increase your creditworthiness, and provide you with a fresh start.

Making sure your credit report is accurate

With today’s tightened credit markets, it is more important than ever that your credit report is accurate.

Your credit score and credit report are used for more than just credit approval and interest rates, it is also used to calculate rates for auto insurance, health insurance, home insurance, rental screening, and employment screening.

[COMPANY NAME] provides a legal, fast, and affordable credit restoration service to help ensure accuracy. [COMPANY NAME] operates by the stipulations set by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Federal Trade Commission, and Credit Repair Organizations Act for credit repair assistance.

Caucasian woman reading an Accurate Credit Report


Starting at just


Monthly Service

We offer a variety of credit repair service levels depending on your situation.

We will evaluate your overall credit health then move you into the credit repair package that best suits your needs; one that will efficiently and effectively address all your credit challenges.


My credit score was terrible. I had many open credit cards and past due accounts. 123Credit helped me identify any false information, and there was some. They listened carefully to my details, went over my credit history and put me on a path to reclaiming my credit, building my FICO score and giving me peace of mind. Thank you 123Credit!

Bonnie K – Manistee, MI

We got hold of our credit report and found some weird things going on with some of our accounts. We had some late payments, but there were a few things that did not make sense. 123Credit stepped in, evaluated our situation, contacted our creditors and cleared up some of the misinformation on our credit report. I definitely would recommend 123Credit.

Sam R. – Bethesda, MD

I didn’t realize that my credit score affected my insurance rates. My score was not real bad but certainly could use some improvement. 123Credit sat down with me, evaluated all of my credit accounts, cleaned up some misinformation and pulled my credit score up by 50 points. This helped me get better insurance rates.

Tami S. – Bloomington, IN

We have a growing family an wanted to make a move to a more roomy home. Unfortunately, we had some credit issues, low credit score, past due credit cards, you know, kind of embarrassing. We hired 123Credit to help us get back on track. They were FANTASTIC! Very personable and understanding. They did what they said they would do and now we can get a larger house.

Daniel F. – Flagstaff, AZ


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